Monday, 10 June 2013

My Experience With Qadabra!

I too am one of those bloggers who is looking for an alternate to adsense, although it is a well known fact that there is no match to adsense as of yet. And said that I don't want to waste my views until I get greater views, just like any other amateur in blogging.
So I started this quest in search of the best alternate to adsense, and I began with a so called Qadabra ad network. And not to my surprise that didn't work out well for me.
They have one of the least CPC in the industry. Don't believe me? I will prove you

Right, so you might say I do not get sufficient traffic/clicks from the tier-1 countries. Perhaps, but 2074 impressions, 47 clicks, and a mere 0.03$ income. Now that says it all, even though I do not get enough views from their most paid country's clicks.
As you can see from the two images, I tried every placement and every banner size, but no fruit that was acquired.

Now enough of criticizing Qadabra, there is one good thing I noticed about it, which is the ads and their quality. They are not something which will reduce your traffic.

So this was my take and my experience about Qadabra, what's yours? And which ad network do you use? Any suggestions are most welcome.

EDIT: Qadabra has mailed me saying they will strive to increase the ePCM and have asked to mail the traffic volumes, so giving them another go, will update the post after giving them another try.

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