Thursday, 29 August 2013

FIFA 14 Skills Guide

In this post, we will cover most of the tricks and skills that one can do in FIFA 13. So let's get started with the guide:

The image below shows the Xbox Controller labelled as per the details which are used in this post, to let you visualize which key is what.

PS3 players can easily translate these key names to the corresponding Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross, R1, R2, L1 and L2 buttons of Sony's controller.

1. Hocus Pocus Pass
A slick pass that drags the ball behind the player's standing foot before flicking it forward, this one's perfect for a cheeky nutmeg.

How to do it:
Hold RB while pushing up on the Left Stick, then quickly tap A.

2. Reverse Elastico
A nifty high-speed change of direction using the outside of your foot, this one lets you fool defenders into following an inside feint as you turn away and around them.

How to do it:
Hold LT and pull the Right Stick in a semi circle from left to right (or the reverse to go in the opposite direction), going from a 9-o-clock to 3-o-clock position on a clock face (or again reversed if you're looking to go the other way).

3. Precision Dribbling
If you're caught in a corner, or trying to run down the clock, Precision Dribbling lets you dance around the ball on the spot. Not the most useful move, but one that looks pretty fancy.

How to do it:
Hold LB while pushing the Left Stick in any direction.

4. Fancy Fake Shot
Does exactly what it says on the tin; fool your opponent into think you're going for a strike, then dart around the side of them.

How to do it:
Hold LT while keeping X or B pushed down, then tap A.

5. Ball Roll Flick
Roll the ball to the left or right, before pulling of a cheeky flick to the side to bring the ball round a guarding defender.

How to do it:
Hold LT while keeping the Right Stick pushed either to the left or right, before flicking the stick upwards.

6. Fake Shot Pass
We love this one, even if it makes players look more gormless than ever. You fake a screaming powerhouse shot, wrong footing defenders by looking the other way, before tapping a soft pass to a nearby teammate.This is a flair trait though, so you'll have to unlock it by pulling off other skill moves first.

How to do it:
Hold RB while keeping the Left Stick pushed either to the upper left or right (which determines the direction of the pass), before tapping A.

7. Face Up Dribbling
Another one to give you better control over the ball when on the run, you'll be able to weave more easily while Face Up Dribbling, but at the expense of speed.

How to do it:
Hold LT and RT and push the Left Stick to run in your desired direction with improved control.

8. Reverse In Air Elastico
Pulls the ball from your left to right foot, bringing it up to knee height, before locking it around the defender in mid-air.

How to do it:
Flick the Right Stick left or right while holding LT *MUST BE DONE WHILST BALL JUGGLING*.

9. Backheel Shot
If you've managed to round the keeper (which is no mean feat we may add), this rubs salt into the wounds, making your striker turn on the spot before knocking the ball to the back of the net with a mocking back heel.

How to do it:
Hold LT, pull the Left Stick downwards and tap B.

10. Elastico Chop
A high speed heel flick, this is great way to wrong foot a defender and cut inside from a wide position to get a better angle on goal.

How to do it:
Hold LT and flick the Right Stick backwards, then left or right depending on the direction you aim to head towards. Must be standing and jogging to work.

11. Reverse Toe Bounce
Not one to really use in the heat of a tense online extra time session, the Reverse Toe Bounce is best reserved for a bit of arena showboating.

How to do it:
Hold LT and hold the Right Stick to the left. Must be done whilst ball juggling.

12. Bergkamp Flick
A really difficult one this, as it relies on very specific positioning in terms not only of your player, but the defender (or defenders) you are trying to pass, and also the flight of the ball. As made famous by Dennis Bergkamp in his Arsenal days, pull it off and you'll flick the ball with the inside of your foot low around the defence.

How to do it:
Flick Right Stick back when the ball is near you in the air, with your opponent directly behind you.

13. Scoop Turn 90
A quick 90 degree turn, this move is a great way to turn through a defender that has you bunched up in a corner.

How to do it:
Hold X, and keeping X held down, press A and push the Left Stick right or left depending on where you want to turn. Must be standing and jogging slowly.

14. Scoop Turn 180
More flamboyant than the Scoop Turn 90, the Scoop Turn 180 is a Ronaldhino favourite. It's a great way to take on two defenders who are pressing at you, sliding the ball between the two. Great for a cheeky nutmeg too.

How to do it:
Hold X, and keeping X held down, press A and push the Left Stick backwards. Must be standing and jogging slowly.

15. LATW
Another one best suited to showing off your juggling skills in the arena, LATW sees you spin your feet around the ball in mid-air before catching it at ground level.

How to do it:
Hold LT and quickly spin the right stick clockwise twice. Must be done whilst ball juggling.

Practice these and we guarantee you'll be a pro in FIFA gaming.

And yeah, you might discover many new moves while trying out these, feel free to share with our reader-GAMERS.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Verbal Reasoning (Sentence Completion)-4

16. Aretha Franklin is ......... to Lata Mangeshkar in America and is ....... as a cultural icon.
a) compared, lauded
b) ditto, glorified
c) equivalent, appreciated
d) akin, reverted

17. It is ironic and somehow tragic that good people are often dull while evil people can be endlessly ..........
a) ordinary
b) stubborn
c) skeptical
d) fascinating

18. Ecology, like economics, concerns itself with the movement of valuable ....... through a complex network of producers and consumers.
a) commodities
b) dividends
c) communications
d) nutrients

19. Certainly Murray's preoccupation with the task of editing the Oxford English Dictionary begot a kind of monomania, but it must be regarded as a ......... or at least an innocuous one.
a) tame
b) tendentious
c) meretricious
d) beneficent

20. Nutritionists declare that the mineral selenium, despite its toxic aspects, is ............. to life, even though it is needed in extremely small quantities.
a) destructive
b) insignificant
c) essential
d) extraneous

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Verbal Reasoning (Sentence Completion)-3

11. Philosophical problems arise when people and questions that, though very ....., have certain characteristics in common.
a) relevant
b) elementary
c) abstract
d) diverse

12. The ambassador's papers are not ...... reading, but on who reads slowly and attentively will be richly repaid.
a) petty
b) valuable
c) insightful
d) easy

13. Far from being mere replicas of seventeenth-century African culture, Maroon societies have continually developed as their members have .............. the artistic heritage bequeathed by their ancestors, adapting it creatively to their changing lives.
a) confused
b) repressed
c) denied
d) modified

14. Although the substance is normally quite ........., scientists found that when tempered with other elements it could be stored safely in metal containers.
a) voluminous
b) caustic
c) insoluble
d) vapid

15. There is some ......... the fact that the author of a book as sensitive and informed as Indian Artisans did not develop her interest in Native American art until adulthood, for she grew up in a region rich in American Indian culture.
a) irony in
b) satisfaction in
c) doubt about
d) concern about

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Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Verbal Reasoning (Sentence Completion)-2

6. You ........ drive any car you want. But you ....... not drive mine.
a) can, will
b) will, can
c) can, may
d) may, can

7. Sumeet and I ..... to the beach yesterday.
a) had gone
b) went
c) have been
d) was

8. The least considered in the latest Marcist attack .............. the innocent victims
d)have been

9. The mangoes ............... over time
b)will ripen

10. MR.Robinson was a ...... romantic while his wife was quite the .........
a) hopeless, realist
b) bright, materialist
c) mercy, mythic
d) deprecate, cynic

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Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Verbal Reasoning (Sentence Completion)-1

1. This ........ a treat.
a) call
b) calls
c) calls for
d) called

2. One of the soldier among the four soldiers ...... brave.
a) seem
b) seems
c) was seem
d) seeming

3. Katrina is exhausted; she ........
a) is running
b) was running
c) has been running
d) had been running

4. ....... the end of TCS, came hard time for Mathura and Muzaffarnagar.
a) With
b) Along
c) When
d) Moreover

5. Many ....... companies near Mongolia ........ a cheap source of labour.
a)larger, need
b)larger, needs
c)smaller, need
d)smaller, needs

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

How To Create A Facebook Account/Page With No Name!

Ever wished to create a facebook account or a facebook page with no name? Your wish is made true here. In this post, I will show you, how to create a facebook account or a facebook page without any name, yeah you read it right. NO NAME!

No Name Facebook Account

The trick used here is very simple, just copy the following symbols and paste them on to the field where it asks to enter your first name and last name. That is it. Really! Don't believe me? Give it a try and get back.

Following are the symbols which are to be pasted:

First Name:
Last Name: 

Make sure to paste the above code twice or interchange the symbols, because if somebody else has pasted the same pattern of symbols displayed above, then you might be asked to confirm your identity by entering your contact number and entering the confirmation code thereafter.

This is how the Sign Up page looks after you paste the symbols in the Name sections:

As you can see, the first name and last name are not visible because I've pasted those characters, which otherwise would have had a default text of "First Name" and "Last Name" just like the "Re-enter Email" and the "New Password" field.

And yes! We are not responsible for any misuse of this trick, this was just for educational purpose! :P

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Aptitude-10

46. There is a circular table and 60 people can sit in that. If there are N number of people sitting and a monster comes and want to occupy a seat such that he has someone on his side. What is the minimum value of N?
a) 15
b) 20
c) 29
d) 30

47. How many 3 digits numbers less than 1000 are there in which, if there is a 3 it is followed by 7? Given that no two digit of the number should be same.

48. How many numbers are there between 1100 - 1300 which are divisible by and that all 4-digits of number should be odd (ex:1331)

49. Three dice are rolled simultaneously. Find the probability of getting at least one six.
a) 1/6*5/6*5/6
b) 5/6*5/6*5/6
c) 3*1/6*5/6*5/6
d) none of the above

50. If there are n numbers of square cubes and you are given two colors, black and white. How many unique square cubes can u color?

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