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Tips For Elitmus Test

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Before I start with this, I would like to make it clear that there are no sample papers for the Elitmus test. There are various websites or blogs who upload a pdf of some aptitude questions, believe me they are no where related to the sample of the questions you get in Elitmus tests.

Yeah, so coming back to the main topic of this post, below are some tips that you will find useful:
  1. Answering around 25-30 out of the 60 will get you a minimum of 80+ percentile. So do not answer all the questions, attempt only those which you are confident of.
  2. Avoid attempting questions you are not sure of, avoid answering questions even if you are 75% sure.
  3. It is okay even if you attempted 5 correct in Quant or Logical Reasoning section, that is more than enough to get a decent percentile. Do NOT try to increase the number of attempts by doing guess works.
  4. The more wrong answers you mark, the worse your result. They follow a unique negative marking system: No negative marking is made if one fourth or less number of questions of the total number of questions you attempted are wrong. If number of wrong questions increases above one fourth of the total of the total questions you attempted then negative marking starts from 25% and goes up to 50% depending on the number of questions attempted are wrong.Examples if your total numbers of attempted questions are 20 and 5 questions are wrong (1/4th of 20) then no negative marking is made but in same case if your 6 questions are wrong (more then 1/4th of 20) then negative marking of 25% is made and it goes up to negative 50% depending on number of wrong questions attempted. 
  5. They say don't by heart formulas and tricks, yes do not do it. *

* For Number System topic, you need to be well versed with cool tricks. Basically you got to be a lover of Numbers. Unless you are aware of some tricks in number system, it is very difficult to solve questions from this topic.

What is the best time to write Elitmus test?

The best time is of course is when you are thoroughly prepared to take this exam. Besides that there is no such thing called as the Best Time, but having said that it is better if you take this test when you are in the last year of your Graduation course. Reasons being, the test locations will be restricted to mostly the Metropolitan cities then. Also you will have to wait for around 10 days, from the day of writing the test, for the results to be declared. While some might not get early calls from the companies.
Having said that I would still suggest you to take the test after preparing thoroughly, luck will not be a factor here, at least for those who are completely dependent on it.

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