Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Verbal Reasoning (Sentence Completion)-1

1. This ........ a treat.
a) call
b) calls
c) calls for
d) called

2. One of the soldier among the four soldiers ...... brave.
a) seem
b) seems
c) was seem
d) seeming

3. Katrina is exhausted; she ........
a) is running
b) was running
c) has been running
d) had been running

4. ....... the end of TCS, came hard time for Mathura and Muzaffarnagar.
a) With
b) Along
c) When
d) Moreover

5. Many ....... companies near Mongolia ........ a cheap source of labour.
a)larger, need
b)larger, needs
c)smaller, need
d)smaller, needs

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