Saturday, 17 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Aptitude-8

36. How many numbers are there whose factorial ends with 17 zeros?

37. Two persons A and B do a work in 30 and 40 days respectively. If both do together, A start the first day and on other day work done by exactly one of them. Finally they divide the earning in ratio 1:1. How many days the work be completed?

38. Two circles lying in the first quadrant, touch each other externally. Both the axes makes tangents with both the circles. If the distance between the two centre of the circles is 8 cm, find the difference in their radii?

39. Two circles intersect each other @ two points P and Q ...smaller circle has radius 1cm...if arc extended by smaller circle is 90 degree and that of the larger circle in 60 degree at their corresponding centres .Find out the common area of the circles?

40. The value of 99^n is a number which starts with digit 8. What can be the minimum value of n?

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