Sunday, 18 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Aptitude-9

41. How many positive integers are there that are not larger than 1000 and are neither perfect squares nor perfect cubes?

42. There are 9 players including Mic and Jordan standing in a row. What is the probability of being 2 or less players between Mic and Jordan?

43. If the decimal number 120 when expressed to the base a,b and c equals 60,80,100 respectively, then which of the following statement is true?
a) a,b,c are in geometric progression
b) a,b,c are in arithmetic progression
c) a,b,c are in harmonic progression
d) a-b-c=1

44. If a=b*c then  for any value of n, the equation  (a-b)^n-(c-b)^n+c^n is always divisible by
a) bc
b) b but not c always
c)c but not b always
d)non of above

45. A and B pick up a ball at random from a bag containing M red, N yellow and O green balls one after the other, replacing the ball every time till one of them gets a red ball.The first one to get the red ball is declared as the winner.If A begins the game and the odds of his winning the game are 3 to 2, then find the ration M:N.

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  1. please elaborate solution to question no 43

  2. In the solution given their, first the base is calculated i.e. a,b,c in this case. Then we check for the option which satisfies the calculated values of a,b,c...