Thursday, 30 May 2013

How To Change The Color Of Eyes In Adobe Photoshop!

In this post we will learn how to change the color of eyes in Adobe Photoshop.
Following are the steps that will let you learn how to do it in just 10 minutes, and once you learn it, it's just a matter of a minute. So let's get started.

The Image that we'll be using is (For simplicity I have used a one eyed image)

1.  Select the 'zoom tool' (Highlighted in image below) from the tool palette to zoom into the eyes of the image so as to make the process easier (The considered Image is good enough to begin the editing)

2. Select the 'lasso tool' (Highlighted in image below) from the tool palette

3. Next encircle the Iris using the lasso tool. The other eye can be encircled by pressing the 'shift' key (Do not worry about the accuracy)

4. Press 'Alt' key and encircle the pupil to leave it as it is, since we do not want to the change the color of the pupil of the eyes.

5. Now select the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer (Refer the image below)

6. You'll see something like this

7. Check the 'Colorize' box and adjust the hue and saturation values unitl you get the desired color of the eyes.

8. If the lasso tool accuracy was not good then select the brush tool (press letter 'B' on your keyboard or you can choose it from the tool palette)

9. Select the Hue/Saturation layer mask

10. Click on the color selector tool at the bottom of the tool palette and select the color as 'white' (RGB values are all 255)

11. Clean the unnecessary area and make the eyes look more natural.

This is it, we have learnt to change the color of the eyes, without the need of any contact lens, in 10 minutes.

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