Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Verbal Reasoning (Sentence Completion)-4

16. Aretha Franklin is ......... to Lata Mangeshkar in America and is ....... as a cultural icon.
a) compared, lauded
b) ditto, glorified
c) equivalent, appreciated
d) akin, reverted

17. It is ironic and somehow tragic that good people are often dull while evil people can be endlessly ..........
a) ordinary
b) stubborn
c) skeptical
d) fascinating

18. Ecology, like economics, concerns itself with the movement of valuable ....... through a complex network of producers and consumers.
a) commodities
b) dividends
c) communications
d) nutrients

19. Certainly Murray's preoccupation with the task of editing the Oxford English Dictionary begot a kind of monomania, but it must be regarded as a ......... or at least an innocuous one.
a) tame
b) tendentious
c) meretricious
d) beneficent

20. Nutritionists declare that the mineral selenium, despite its toxic aspects, is ............. to life, even though it is needed in extremely small quantities.
a) destructive
b) insignificant
c) essential
d) extraneous

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