Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Elitmus Questions With Solutions: Verbal Reasoning (Sentence Completion)-3

11. Philosophical problems arise when people and questions that, though very ....., have certain characteristics in common.
a) relevant
b) elementary
c) abstract
d) diverse

12. The ambassador's papers are not ...... reading, but on who reads slowly and attentively will be richly repaid.
a) petty
b) valuable
c) insightful
d) easy

13. Far from being mere replicas of seventeenth-century African culture, Maroon societies have continually developed as their members have .............. the artistic heritage bequeathed by their ancestors, adapting it creatively to their changing lives.
a) confused
b) repressed
c) denied
d) modified

14. Although the substance is normally quite ........., scientists found that when tempered with other elements it could be stored safely in metal containers.
a) voluminous
b) caustic
c) insoluble
d) vapid

15. There is some ......... the fact that the author of a book as sensitive and informed as Indian Artisans did not develop her interest in Native American art until adulthood, for she grew up in a region rich in American Indian culture.
a) irony in
b) satisfaction in
c) doubt about
d) concern about

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